Why Consider a Dental Implant for a Missing Tooth?

Replacing a missing tooth certainly is top priority for anyone who has experienced a recent extraction. With a missing tooth, everyday tasks become difficult, including eating and talking. However, dentures oftentimes cause problems for the user, ranging from ill-fitting wear to unnatural appearances. Many denture wearers face embarrassment every day and may not enjoy life the way they should.

Dental implants offer a solution to missing teeth and unsightly dentures. People prefer dental implants these days and there is no wonder why. There is very little to dislike about the dental implant in North Lauderdale.

Why should you consider using an implant as your tooth restoration choice? Some of the reasons  include:

·    Tooth implants do not come out of the mouth like dentures. They give users more confidence to do the things they most enjoy.

·    Implants become a permanent part of the mouth because they attach to the jawbone using a titanium screw.

·    Implants last a lifetime in most cases. Dentures last about eight years and need relines and repair during this time. Leave those frustrations behind and choose a dental implant instead.

dental implant in North Lauderdale

·    Dental implants look more like the real teeth than dentures so you have more confidence in yourself. No one will ever question if your dental implant is real because it fits with the natural teeth.

·    Talking, eating, and other tasks are so much easier when a dental implant replaces the missing tooth.

The reasons to consider dental implants above are only some of the many reasons to make this all. Talk to the dentist to learn more about dental implants, including the available payment options. You should love your smile for a lifetime and thanks to dental implants, you can, even after an extraction.