Going In For Breast Cancer Procedure

mount pleasant breast cancer surgery

It is necessary for a majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer to have some form of surgery or another. The mount pleasant breast cancer surgery could be carried out for a number of reasons. It all hinges on the cancerous condition that has been diagnosed by the specialist practitioner. The specialist surgeon’s main priority will be to remove as much of the cancer as possible. The common procedure is known as the mastectomy.

It is also known as breast conserving surgery. The specialist practitioner needs to find out whether the cancer has spread to the patient’s lymph nodes under the arm. After the cancer is removed, the doctor will attempt to reshape the breast. This is otherwise known as breast reconstruction. But sometimes, and this can be tragic, it becomes necessary to remove the patient’s breasts. The surgical procedure is always based on the breast cancer features, as well as the patient’s medical history.

Sometimes patients are given choices. The specialist really needs to walk the patient through all the options available. Breast conserving surgery is also known as the lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. Here only a part of the breast where the cancer has been located will be removed. It is necessary to do this along with the removal of surrounding tissue. How much of the breast needs to be removed will always depend on where the cancerous tumor is located.

The mastectomy is performed when an entire breast has to be removed. This will include all of the breast tissue and even nearby tissues. The double mastectomy of course refers to the removal of both breasts. It has always been recommended that women go in for regular mammogram exams to make sure that their breasts remain healthy.