The Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative

Who We Are

IMTI is a non-profit, member-based organization that exists to support and strengthen our nation's manufacturing community. We are passionate about driving the technology advancements for the benefit of our nation's manufacturing infrastructure. We support industry and government by helping them:

Define a Vision

IMTI helps the nation, businesses, and government fine-tune their vision of using technology to significantly improve manufacturing capabilities.

Know the Status

IMTI reveals how technology is currently being used in our manufacturing base. And we help organizations define the current state against their goals.

Make Great Progress

IMTI facilitates movement from the present to the future, helping industry and government achieve manufacturing excellence with technology.

How do we do it?

IMTI helps industry, government, and our members achieve their technology visions with three types of services. IMTI members and non-members both benefit from IMTI's:


IMTI's expertise in vision-based planning opens new avenues for innovation in the manufacturing enterprise and sector. Our consulting services range from creating technology roadmaps to strategic investment plans.


By providing tools from strategy white papers to online technology information systems, IMTI helps you gain insight into the state of manufacturing technology in your organization and across the nation.


We host forums, workshops, webinars, and conferences each year to help industry, government, and academia network and work together to achieve manufacturing goals.

Take a look at our Webinars and Webcasts, which are accessible from our Events page.

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